Paint Your Own Pottery

The Only Studio on the Mountain for Paint Your Own Pottery

We are very excited to now offer Paint Your Own Pottery at Kittle’s!  We have a huge studio to host a Pottery Painting Party or you can join us during Open Studio —no appointment necessary. We also offer Happy Hour nights where your studio fees are HALF OFF!

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose Your Pottery

Select a piece of bisque that inspires you. We have so many pieces to choose from—platters to mugs, banks to dragons. You will find a unique piece to make all your own!

Step 2: Pick Your Paints

Choose your colors from our palette of many different glazes. Colors, Colors, Colors!

Step 3: Let Your Creativity Kick In

Brush, sponge, splatter, drip, stencil, or draw your design on your piece. We have many samples to look at and we always have a staff member handy to offer help and assistance.

Step 4: Leave the Final Glazing and Firing to Us

We will clear glaze and kiln fire your piece to make it food safe. It will be ready for you to pick up in about a week!

We are the ONLY studio on the mountain to offer Paint Your Own Pottery—come check us out!